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June 25, 2007



Sue hi,

I'm a diabetic patient and reading the Saturday and Sunday's highlights which have been put up on this site. I see,though, there is nothing for Friday's highlights. I see in the scheduling of the seminars etc that there was a special session on The influence of Alpha Lipoic Acid on diabetic neuropathy. Since I've been on Alpha Lipoic Acid since last October - I had a foot drop last August and I feel the Lipoic acid was the major thing which helped me to resolve the issue - I'm very interested in this particular session and wondering if it would be possible for me to get more information on the whole discussions, for instance, will it be published somewhere, or already has been? Or has it already been published in any medical magazine? How could I get hold of it. This is the longest study, that I, as a patient have heard of and am thus very keen to get more information on it. As you may know most doctors have very little information about the latest research on A. Lipoic Acid. If you could either let me know by this site or email me personally, I'd really be grateful.
Thanks so much,

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